We love this place so we think that also for you it will be love at first sight!

Our Story

It was summer, important decisions had to be taken about our home, our future: what were we going to do with our lives! We thought perhaps that running a B&B and sharing our lives with people from all over the world might be a fun and rewarding way to go forward.

We did not know what frightened us the most – the immense restoration work we would have to undertake or the thought of giving up a little of our privacy.

We started bit by bit with the restauration of our home and the furnishings mainly with our own strengths and abilities, occasionally assisted by a few friends or some professional builders who gave us a hand or just some practical advice. We learnt to do things manually that we had never done before. We worked summer evenings bathed in sweat ( no air-conditioning had then been installed), or chilled to the bone in winter (no doors yet hung, no heating yet connected) always discussing and taking decisions about everything from the smallest details to the more complex plans.

One of us (and we will not say who!) spent many contemplative moments sitting on what was then a ruined marble floor trying to decide the colour palettes that would best convey the feeling of a comfortable and welcoming environment. We made notes on bar napkins, drew designs in the manner of an architect, and made sketches that only we could decipher. We spent hours and hours shopping, searching the web for lamps, fittings and furnishings that married well with our idea of the style we wanted to create, giving a new life to the home while, at the same time, paying homage to the family of Vittorio  who lived here for over 40 years.

So our Bed and Breakfast was born, Solea, a name that unifies our two great passions – reading and music – that fulfills our lives making every moment richer. Solea, in fact, brings to mind a novel by the writer Jean Claude Izzo and it is also the name of a piece by the great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis: we have looked at the past, focusing on the present and investing so much positive energy so as to lay the foundations for a serene future that is growing day to day.

Our idea

Choosing us means sharing this special place. Staying with us means letting yourself be wrapped up in the warmth of this family atmosphere so imbued with personality and all the positive energies we have invested in our careful and meticulous restoration.

I really appreciated kindness and availability by the owners that are worked to make me feel like home and have a beautiful stay. The suite is spacious and bright. If I might i wanted stay longer!
SabinaFermo (Italy)